Indoor athletics is held once a month at the Newquay Sports Centre.

We usually compete against 12 other primary schools in the area.

Each school brings 6 Y5/6 pupils, 3 girls and 3 boys to compete. The aim is to be competitive and introduce children to athletics, whilst having fun. Each school does things slightly differently but at Trevisker, we like to bring different teams each month. We bring a competitive team, pupils who have low self confidence, pupils who just love sport, pupils who want to participate for fun and low participating pupils. It’s an opportunity for all to get out there and be active.

Each pupil will do 1 track event and 1 field event. Then there is a relay at the end. We all get certificates at the end!

The event is organised by Tretherras Secondary School. Their pupils do an excellent job of running the event, supporting pupils and giving advice.