Sports Premium Grant

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure: 2016 – 2017

Schools are required to publish details of their Pupil Premium allocation, how they plan to spend the allocation in the current year, how the previous year’s allocation was spent and the effect of the expenditure on the attainment of those pupils for whom the funding was allocated.

The total amount of SPG received is £8,785

Nature of support 2016 – 2017

The funding received from the Sports Premium Grant has been allocated in the following ways:

  • Newquay Sports Partnership – £2,280
  • Swimming top up – £2,035
  • Specialist Coaches to introduce new sports – £775
  • Staff Training – £1,855
  • Forest School – £415
  • Resources – £875
  • Assessment – £550

The improvements through the current spending, have and will continue to support the deliverance and opportunities of physical education at Trevisker.  Allowing more children to access sport is the number 1 goal of Trevisker.  By make improvements in these areas we shall see:

  • An outstanding quality of teaching delivered by confident teachers across a variety of sports
  • Children having access to a variety of equipment across many sports
  • More opportunities for all children to take part in competitive sport
  • A greater and sustained engagement from pupils wanting to be active and healthy

Being active and keeping healthy will continue to be a priority of Trevisker as will supporting the pathway of children into sport.

Focus of SPG spending 2016 – 2017

The school has focussed its additional support on

  • Carry out an initial baseline assessment
  • Increase participation in Physical Education
  • Increase in physical well-being
  • Staff training for sustained improvement

Measuring the impact of SPG spending

In 2016 80% of children accessed events held by Newquay Sports Partnership.  70% attended school sports clubs run by the school.  The climbing wall was installed and Wheelie Wednesdays were introduced.  Cycling was introduced as a new school sport.  100% of children reciving top-up swimming made the expected progress.

For the 2016 – 2017 cohort, we want to maintain our level of involvement with Newquay Sports Partnership events, install a cycle track on the school grounds, introduce the run a mile scheme, and use specialist coaches to introduce alternative sports.